FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is Hammerschmidt Chapel?

Hammerschmidt Chapel is on the west side of the Elmhurst College campus. Elmhurst College’s address is 190 Prospect, but the chapel is closer to the intersection of Alexander Boulevard and Myrtle. View our Hammerschmidt Chapel page for directions page and a campus map.

Where should I park on campus?

The best parking is in the large lot of Alexander Boulevard, just west of Prospect Avenue. There is a sidewalk across the street that stretches along the west side of the football field to the chapel.

When should I arrive?

Our box office in the entryway of Hammerschmidt Chapel opens at 2:15 p.m. Ushers start seating patrons at 2:30. Please allow time to get from the parking lot on Alexander to the chapel.

How can I buy tickets?

From our website, by phone (800-838-3006), at the door (cash or check), or from an ECU singer (if you’re lucky enough to know one).

Will my tickets be mailed to me?

Unfortunately, our volunteers do not have the ability to handle mail orders. If you order online or by phone, the Will Call table will hold your tickets, using the ordering person’s last name. If you like, you can bring along the email receipt.

Where are my seats?

All seating is general admission.

How accessible is the chapel?

Accessible parking: Accessible parking near the chapel is limited. However, it’s possible to pull up and drop off passengers near the chapel’s accessible entrance ramp is along the north side of the building.

Accessible entrance: The accessible entrance ramp, on the north side of the building, descends to a lower level entry. Once indoors, an elevator takes you to the front of the audience, main floor. Patrons using the accessible entrance and elevator may proceed directly to their chosen seats (even if it’s before 2:30). A companion or someone sitting nearby may present your ticket to an usher.

Accessible seating: Chapel seating is traditional padded pews. There is room for wheelchairs in the main level seating, on the extreme right or left at the very front. Visibility from those locations is a bit limited, but the music sounds great.

Accessible restrooms: Restrooms are on the lower level. From the audience’s view, go the the front right corner, through a doorway to the elevator. On arriving at the lower level, go right and through double doors. Turn left into a long, wide hallway. When the hallway comes to a T, go left for the men’s restroom, go right for the women’s restroom.

Assisted hearing devices: Audience members with hearing impairments tell us that they hear the music well, but prefer an assisted hearing device to hear spoken announcements from the stage. Hammerschmidt Chapel has a supply of these devices; ask an usher if you’d like to use one.

If you have questions or need an accommodation, please let us know by submitting our contact form.

To buy a youth ticket, is a student ID necessary?

No ID is needed.

The ticket page says youth tickets are for those age 7-22. What about younger kids?

Kids 6 and under are free. However, some kids under 7 find it tiring to sit quietly for a 2 hour concert.

We want kids to enjoy going to concerts. If your child has the patience for us, then we are glad to have them join us.

What should I wear to the concert?

Whatever you like. ECU dresses up so you don’t have to. With its high ceilings, the chapel can be cool during the cold weather months.

Where can I go out for dinner after the concert?

The Elmhurst area has many great restaurants. Some of them sponsor our season and are mentioned in our printed program.