Singing Our Praises

“In Elmhurst! And it’s always great!”


“Such a big and sophisticated sound from a volunteer group in a suburban community is very impressive, indeed.”

Concertgoer 2

“Outstanding professional quality of the singers and musicians”

Concertgoer 3

“Joining ECU has been one of the most important and rewarding parts of my life. Singing, as well as being a volunteer and a board member, has made me appreciate how much it takes to have a successful chorus, to have an excellent director, and especially lucky to be a part of ECU.”

ECU Singer

“A treat to the ears and spirit”

Concertgoer 4

“This is the best way to begin the Christmas season!!!”

Concertgoer 5

“I have sung elsewhere, and there is no place like ECU.”

ECU singer 2

“Excellent choir sound. Great diction and balance. Soloists were also excellent.” “Delightful music, great choir, excellent soloists.”

Concertgoer 6

“Large works provide the musicians and the audiences with a sonic understanding and wisdom allied to beauty, relationships, and proportion that nothing else provides in quite the same way. Pieces from other times and places provide ‘living’ (music is live as no other art or artifact) insights into and learning about our sisters and brothers elsewhere.”

Paul Westermeyer - Past Music Director

“Mastery of music, voice & presentation”

Concertgoer 7

“Soloists + chorus + orchestra = Fantastic!”

Concertgoer 8

“We are fortunate to live in a community in which such an organization brings together diverse musical amateurs who, under the baton of a talented director, can realize some of the world’s greatest music. Anyone who has had anything to do with an arts organization knows that such longevity doesn’t happen by accident.”

Ted Hatmaker - Past ECU Guest Conductor